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First Triptych

My first triptych was quite a project.  A local establishment approached me regarding one of my images, and asked if it was possible to take that image and divide it into three separate... » Read Full Article

Icelandic Surf Limited Edition Sold Out

My Icelandic Surf limited editon of 2, with one artist proof, just sold out yesterday and is now officialy retired.  This was one of my more iconic images that seemed to grab people's... » Read Full Article

Enjoying The Nikon 500mm f/4

The Nikon 500mm f/4 is one of those long prine telephoto lenses you will need someday, especially if you're heading out to capture anything wild, or fast.  The reach of a 500mm... » Read Full Article

Monochrome M In Yellowstone

On a recent trip through Montana and Wyoming, I had the good fortune of stopping off in Yellowstone.  The first and oldest National Park in the U.S.  IMO it is the... » Read Full Article

The Zeiss 15mm Zf.2 Wide Angle

Nikon and Canon users have access to some of the finest prime and zoom wide angle lenses.  The venerable Nikon 14-24mm is one of the widest, sharpest zoom lens in the market... » Read Full Article

Sigma 150mm Macro OS Review

If you're stopping by to see MFT charts and detailed f/ stop comparisons, well then you've come to the wrong place.  This is a real use and highly subjective conjecture opinion... » Read Full Article