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Walking 100 Steps

As photographers we're always trying to find new ways to inspire ourselves when we head out to take a few pictures.  Some of us are working on our own projects, some of... » Read Full Article

Sigma DP 2 Merrill Still Impressing

I'm constantly being impressed by this little beasty of a camera.  It has become my go to camera when I'm taking a quick business trip and want to travel with an... » Read Full Article

Huntington Beach Pier Photo Essay

On a quick trip to California I had about an hour of down time to run out and take a few shots off of the Huntington Beach pier.  Nothing too spectacular, but at... » Read Full Article

Winter Light

All of the pundits in photography have advocated shooting pictures in the golden hours of light.  Dawn and dusk.  Some of us from a more practical stand point shoot when the opportunity... » Read Full Article

The Nikon D800e And Sigma Merrill DP2

I'm finding that this combination of cameras in the field for landscape photography to be a killer combination.  The D800e for its extreme flexibility and the Sigma DP2 for its singular... » Read Full Article

Recent Sandy Images

I finally had the opportunity to head out to the Jersey Shore for the first time since Sandy hit.  My main reason to go was to check on our house that is located... » Read Full Article