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Turned Bison Edition Sold Out

This is my most recent edition of images that have sold out to the public.  Turned Bison is one of my personal favorite images that I have ever taken and it was available... » Read Full Article

Passages 2014 Calendar

Passages 2014 is my fourth annual calendar that I've created.  If you happen to be an Earth Friendly Products retailer you've probably already received your promotional copy.  For everyone else the... » Read Full Article

Learning To Shoot Portraits With Continuous Lighting

Photographers will always have projects that they are working on.  We create constantly, and in so doing, accumulate a variety of images we seek to put some perspective on.  When you get... » Read Full Article

Achromat Macro - A Cheap Way To Macro Images

There is an inexpensive alternative to creating macro images that does not require the buying of a dedicated macro lens.  If you plan on shooting a lot of macro images, then I would... » Read Full Article

The Demise Of Kodak TMAX P3200

Film has not quite expired in today's digital world of photography.  You can still buy both slide and print flm from Kodak, Illford, Fuji, Agfa and from a few third party producers... » Read Full Article

Infrared Photography

As a kid I was always fascinated by photographers who shot with infrared film.  I just never felt comfortable shooting infrared film when I was younger, due to my lack of technical expertise... » Read Full Article