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Turned Bison Edition Sold Out

This is my most recent edition of images that have sold out to the public.  Turned Bison is one of my personal favorite images that I have ever taken and it was available... » Read Full Article

Event Shooting With The Nikon D4

Last Sunday I took my youngest son Zachary and his friend Blake to a paintball scenario game.  Normally I would join them in the trenches, going Full Metal Jacket.  But, this time... » Read Full Article

Enjoying The Nikon 500mm f/4

The Nikon 500mm f/4 is one of those long prine telephoto lenses you will need someday, especially if you're heading out to capture anything wild, or fast.  The reach of a 500mm... » Read Full Article

Monochrome M In Yellowstone

On a recent trip through Montana and Wyoming, I had the good fortune of stopping off in Yellowstone.  The first and oldest National Park in the U.S.  IMO it is the... » Read Full Article

Learning To Shoot Portraits With Continuous Lighting

Photographers will always have projects that they are working on.  We create constantly, and in so doing, accumulate a variety of images we seek to put some perspective on.  When you get... » Read Full Article

Nikon D4 And 24-70mm In Low Light

Super storm Sandy's destructive wake is still being dealt with along the shorelines of New Jersey and New York.  Last night I headed out to our local NJ beach and took a... » Read Full Article