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2020 A Year We’d Like To Forget

2020 is a year we all would like to forget.  A lost year.  For photographers, it became a year that forced many of us to adapt to an economically difficult time, and to... » Read Full Article

Approach To Traveling With Gear

I thought I would write about my recent travel excursion through Greece and Spain with a very different assortment of gear.  I imagine we all have a tendency to overthink our gear needs... » Read Full Article

Limited Editions For The Holidays

Running out of time to find that perfect something for a loved one, or for a friend?  Consider supporting an artist if you may.  The gift of art lasts a lifetime, and... » Read Full Article

Odyssey 2019 Calendar Now Available

Odyssey 2019 is now available.  My annual jewel cased calendar works perfectly in small desk top spaces.  The cost for the calendar is $15 plus $3 for shipping.   To order one contact me... » Read Full Article

Still Loving The Leica M Monochrome

One of my favorite cameras is the original Leica M Monochrome based on a CCD sensor.   It’s an 18 mega-pixel camera that only shoots black and white.  There are no... » Read Full Article

Photography And Balconies

Whenever I travel and need to spend the night away from home, I’m always on the look out for places that have balconies.  Balconies are a photographer’s best friends... » Read Full Article