2020 A Year We’d Like To Forget

2020 is a year we all would like to forget.  A lost year.  For photographers, it became a year that forced many of us to adapt to an economically difficult time, and to... » Read Full Article

Approach To Traveling With Gear

I thought I would write about my recent travel excursion through Greece and Spain with a very different assortment of gear.  I imagine we all have a tendency to overthink our gear needs... » Read Full Article

Visiting the Dakota Badlands

North Dakota was one of the last two states I had not visited, with Alaska being the final one.  I flew into Bismarck the state capital, a prairie town of just over 70,000 people.... » Read Full Article

Event Shooting With The Olympus EM1X

This past year I’ve been experimenting more with Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera gear for event shooting.  Up until now I’ve relied on my Nikon gear, but I wanted... » Read Full Article

Death Valley Days

Did you know that Death Valley National Park is the largest park in the continental United States?  I was unaware of that fact until I made my first trip there this past February.... » Read Full Article

San Miguel de Allende Photography

I recently had the good fortune of traveling to San Miguel de Allende for a week.  It was strictly to be a trip to get away with my wife and two close friends... » Read Full Article