Art Basel

First week of December the art world descends upon Miami and Miami Beach.  Art Basel is the lead event at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  But, there are a multiude number of... » Read Full Article

Having A Second, and Third Camera On Hand

It goes without saying, always be prepared and have a second camera with you when ever you head out.  Some of us rely on our cell phone cameras, and why not, the resolution... » Read Full Article

Street Shooting With The Pentax 645Z

One doesn’t equate using a medium format camera as something you would use to shoot street scenes with.  There have been quite a few well-known photographers that have used medium format... » Read Full Article

Pentax 645Z Continues To Impress

I continue to marvel at the resoultion the Pentax 645Z puts out.  Obviously with a 51mp sensor you are going to pull a lot of detail out of an image.  I hear... » Read Full Article

Latest Personal Project

Creating is what we live to do.  It doesn't matter what you do for a living, but creating meanignful work is something we all strive for.  As a photographer, finding projects... » Read Full Article

First Triptych

My first triptych was quite a project.  A local establishment approached me regarding one of my images, and asked if it was possible to take that image and divide it into three separate... » Read Full Article