Wildwood Boardwalk with the Pentax 645Z

Wildwood, NJ is a summer destination boardwalk that easily stretches for two miles.  During the off season, which covers fall, winter, and spring, Wildwood remains dormant and devoid of people.  In the summertime you can find the most fattening foods, kitchy shops, tatoo parlors, and a multide of rides that range from rollar coasters to monster trucks.  It's has a true wooden boardwalk, that harkens back to yesteryear.  A couple of years ago I made my way down there to start a project on post modern motels that dot the Wildwood landscape.  Off season visits to Wildwood give me the time to compose and shoot without the hassle of boatloads of people getting in the way.  The only people you come across during the off season are the occassional dog walker and those out for a run.  For me it's a great time to visit.  When I do make it down during the summer months, Wildwood's boardwalk provides a rich street shooting experince for any photographer.  This time around I planned on spending more time taking images of the post modern motels, but I ended up spending a little more time walking the boardwalk and taking pictures.  I'm glad I did.  The following images were taken with the Pentax 645Z and my two main travel lenses, the 55mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/3.5.  UV and polarizer filters were utiized as well, and all images were shot hand held.  

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