When It All Comes Together

Most photographers I know try to book a window seat when they fly.  It’s an easy way to capture something unique on a flight.  Most of the time you normally don’t get much, except some nice cloudscapes, but on occasion you do get something breathtaking.  I’m not a typical flying photographer.  I do like the aisle seat.  Gives me a chance to stand and stretch when I want to instead of having to climb over someone else.  But, when the opportunity presents itself on those regional jets that are configured in a 1-2 seat configuration, I always go for the one seat that has a window and aisle on either side.  My flight from Acadia was on such a jet.  And knowing what I know about the runway configuration at Newark, I chose the side of the plane I thought would give me a great vantage of New York City upon landing at Newark. The only two things that could interfere with shooting New York City from the air, is coming in from the other direction into Newark, or crappy weather.  Fortunately, on this flight in, everything just came together perfectly.  I converted the image I took into black and white, using Silver FX, and am quite happy about the end result.

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November 14, 2018 by fs

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