West Texas

Spent a week traveling from El Paso, Texas through Marfa, Texas, to Austin, on to Huntsville, Texas and then down to Houston.  Covering roughly 1100 miles of Texas ladscapes that started with dry desert terrain, and ending up in a lush green humid one.  I really wanted to check out West Texas, particularly Marfa and its surrounding environs.  Marfa was a place that I wanted to see because of what I read.  A small Texas town, literally in the middle of no where, that was transformed within a few decades, from a sleepy ranching town into an artist haven.  For a small population of 1800 people, they have more galleries then a small metro area.  Close by Marfa is Chinati, which is pronounced Chi-Nati, a sculptural installation and mueum housed on an old army base.  It houses the art work of minimalist artist Donald Judd, who moved to Marfa in the 70's to further pursue his artistic vision.  Marfa's population seems to be split amongst three tribes.  Young artistic hipsters who move to Marfa from Austin and points east, ranchers in jeans and pick up trucks, and Mexican-American's.  All of whom are very friendly to the touristas.  There are a few boutique hotels, a few restaurants, and one of the best food trucks I've ever come across, the Food Shark.  My wife and I spent two nights there, which is just enough time in my opinion, unless you get the hankering to settle down there.  Weather was fabulous, food was terrific, and it was a highlight of the trip through Texas.  I took two different kits with me.  My faithful and reliable Pentax 645Z with two lenses, the 55mm 2.8 and 35mm 3.5.  I added the Olympus OMD EM 1 MK II with two lenses, the 17mm 1.8 and the 75mm 1.8. After this trip I've decided to lessesn my load on future ones, and just take in the future two cameras and two lenses from now on.  I always need a tripod, but if I could find a way not to have to take one, I'd be all ears for any suggestions on how to get by without one.  Pics shown are primarily from around Marfa.

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