The Venerable Nikon 14-24mm

One of my favorite lens is the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.  This wide abgle zoom clearly is one of the best lenses Nikon manufactureres in my opinion.  It is the one lens I take with me no matter where I'm traveling to when I'm outfitted with my D800e or D4.  Prior to these two cameras it was used on my D700, D3s, and D3x.  It was one of the first lenses I bought when I decided to go digital a few years ago.  I have not regreted that decision.  It's a lens that controls CA and vignetting quite well even when its shot wide open at f/2.8.  The only complaint with this lense is the inability to add a thread mount filter to it.  The woork around is purchasing the Lee filter system that was created specifically for this lens.  It's a bit cumbersome to add to the lens, and it really doesn't protect the lens from anything hitting it from the side, but the Lee system allows you use Lee ND filters on the large bulbous head of the 14-24mm.  It's not an inexpensive solution, but if you're going to spend the money on buying this lens, it is well worth the investment.  I've seen Canon pros use this lens for landscape and architectural photography.  Canon has nothing like it, but most Canon shooters love the the crisp files they can garner from this lens.  Me, personally, I love to use htis lens predominently for landscape photyography, though I'm not married to always having to shoot the lens as sharp as possible.  I do love using some blur on some of my images, and can be seen in the ones accompanying this post.  Nikon makes a few othe full frame (FX) lenses for wide angle shooting that are not that shabby, like the 16-35 f/4 and 17-35 f/2.8.  Sigma makes the widest wide angle zoom, a 12-24mm lens, but it's not very fast starting out at f/4.5.  Then again you can always pick up wide prime like the Nikon 14mm 2.8, or the Zeiss 15mm (super expensive) 18mm f/3.5 or 21mm f/2.8.  I have the 21mm Zeiss, and really love the microcontrast that lens provides my images with.  But, if I can only take one lens, it's going to be the Nikon 14-24mm.

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