Street Shooting Philadelphia With The Nikon D800e

Yes you read right.  Who in their right mind would shoot street photography with the Nikon D800e?  Landscapes, of course.  Studio?  Absolutely.  But, street?  Well why not.  Necessity is the mother of invention, and on a recent trip to shoot landscapes mind you, I found myself in Philadelphia with the Nikon D800e and two lenses.  Both lenses were Zeiss primes.  Their 50mm f/2 makro, and the 21mm f/2.8 wide angle.  For me it was a perfect kit for shooting landscapes.  For street, well it turned out to be pretty good too.  The body size of the D800e is not too large too go unnoticed.  People do see you coming, and when you raise it to shoot they don't think your just an average toruist taking in the sites of Philly, especially when you've got the 21mm wide anlge lens parked on the camera.  But, if you keep moving and shooting people tend to not notice after a while.  Working large crowds tends to help you blend in a bit more.  Despite the need to keep the camera steady and the shutter speed above 1/125, to avoid blur in your images from the sensors super sensitivity, I found the camera to be extremely easy and responsive to work with on the street.  The file buffering easily kept up with the shooting, and the D800e was a joy to work with, despite the fact that I was using non auto focusing lenses.  All of the Zeiss primes are manual focus, though the chip on the lens works electronically in aperture mode with no issue.  It was a beautiful crisp day in Philadelphia with the sun shining.  The camera' metering system was always spot on despite conflicts between shadows and bright sun light. Here are some of the pictures taken from that stroll through the streets of Philadelphia.  All shots were wide open at f/2 and f/2.8.  ISO ranged from 200 to 1250.  

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Nikon D800e is one of the best camera ever. the picture resolutions are very sharp and high.  famous australian writers and many people who work in studio prefer this camera over million others.

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