Sigma 150mm Macro OS Review

If you're stopping by to see MFT charts and detailed f/ stop comparisons, well then you've come to the wrong place.  This is a real use and highly subjective conjecture opinion regarding Sigma's 150mm f/2.8 macro OS lens. I know I called it a review, and quite honestly it's my real use opinion on this Sigma lens.  I shoot Nikon cameras as my main stay, and this lens is for that mount, but I am assuming you'd see no difference if you used this lens on your Canon.  I owned the first generation Sigma 150 macro, ended up selling it, and then picked this one up for a recent shoot.  I wanted a medium telephoto that wasn't as heavy or as large as the Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 VR II.  Granted the Sigma 150 isn't as long as the 70-200, but I didn't think I needed the reach of the 200 for were I was headed.  And I was correct on that account.  The latest Sigma 150 macro is a well built lens.  It comes with two lens hoods, one for full frame users, and one for aps-c users.  It's own traveling case, which I wouldn't use because it takes up too much room when you want to travel light.  I took the Sigma 150mm, along with the Zeiss 15mm, and the Nikon 50mm 1.4 afs-g lens.  One camera, the Nikon 800e rounded out the minimalsit kit.  Besides the quality build, the Sigma is tack sharp.  The sharpness of the lens matches up quite nicely with the 800e 36 mega pixel camera.  The OS (opticl stabilizer) is quite good.  All of the images shown here were all shot hand held.  The OS works phenomenally well, just as good as Nikon's VR system in my opinion.  The weight of the lens wasn't an issue for me, and I felt it balanced well on the 800e.  It's compact for a medium tlelephoto, but the main reason you would buy this is for it's macro capabilities.  I have found that OS and VR on macro lenses are best turned off for when you really want to use it for a macro shot.  Manual focus is the only way to shoot macro in my opinion.  You'll have better success, because between the OS and auto focusing of the lens trying to nail the area you want to capture, would only turn out a less than a  perfect photo.  The Sigma comes with a nice tripod collar and foot support.  It aids in the use of the lens hand held.  The lens works very well, and provides you with outstanding resolution and sharpness.  I do like the colors the lens pulls out of the images too.  It has a lot going for it, and I heartily recommend the lens if you are looking for a longer reach in your macro shots, or just wanting a quality medium telephoto to add to your kit.

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You owned the first generation Sigma 150 macro, ended up selling it, and then picked this one up for a recent shoot. You have shared quality stuff on this website.
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