Shooting Post Sandy

First to qualify the title - this isn't about shooting post Sandy on the eastern seaboard.  Though I would have liked to.  You see I have a house on an island off the coast of NJ that got pummeled by Sandy, and if I could have been there, I would have.  Always wanted the opportunity to shoot a storm of that magnitude prior, during, and after the event.  I'll have to wait until we're given the all green light to re-enter the island.  According to local authorities that might not be for another 10 days.

I feel for the people of that region, and I have some close friends that had to evacuate and can't get back into their year round homes.  Hopefully, everything will still be standing once we can get back in.  Besides hitting the eastern seaboard, Sandy has made her presence felt here in the Chicago area.  Nothing as traumatic as to what millions of people have and are still going through, but we did get a slight taste of the storms lingering strength.  Winds are suppose to have hit 50 mph here, but I don't think they did.  And even so, the wind strenght did nothing to inconvenice those of us who live near Lake Michigan.  The lake did swell and rise with Sandy's arrival here.  Tall waves, and according to reports, some of the waves out in the middle of the lake hit two stores tall.  We didn't see that by the lake front, but we did have some pretty impressive wave action today at the lake shore.

People stopped where ever they could to get out and takes some pix, or to just eye the impressive wave action on the lake.  This kind of wave activity is pretty scarce around these parts.  Even today's wave's look like nothing you see on the Atlantic coastline, but for locals it still was a treat without any of the danger that creamed the east coast.  Shots taken today were with the Nikon 800e and my favorite little buddty, the Sigma DP2 Merrill.  Such a nice little beasty.  The 800e images were taken with the amazing Nikon 24mm 1.4 af-s  lens, and the Sigma pix were taken with its fixed 30mm 2.8 lens.  

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