Rounding Out Kit With Olympus

On my last trip to Iceland I decided to try something new when it came to the kit I was taking with me.  Besides the Pentax 645Z medium format camera, which has been my main landscape camera for the past four years, I decided to add the Olympus OMD EM! Mark II micro four-thirds camera system to my bag.  I’ve been shooting micro four thirds since it first hit the scene.  The allure of using a smaller camera body, coupled with smaller lenses, was an appealing option.  I have taken various Olympus and Panasonic bodies on trips with me before, but not from a standpoint of shooting for my gallery work that is sold to the public.  The system was something I used for family trips, when I knew it wasn’t going to be shown to the public.   That idea of not using it professionally changed this past year, when I put up an image into a gallery show and it sold.   Ever since Olympus and Panasonic moved the sensor resolution to 20 mega pixels, it gave me more confidence in pushing the size output of my prints to 30 x 40, and even to 40 x 60.   The output has been most impressive.  Granted it will not match the 645Z’s numbers, but they are pretty good nonetheless.  The one feature that Olympus offers, and now so does Panasonic, is the high-resolution mode that can give you a 50-mega-pixel image to play with.  Granted the image comes only in jpeg format, versus raw, of which I would have proffered, but the high-resolution images are truly impressive, despite the limiting factor of only shooting static objects.  Which for me is not an issue, since I primarily shoot landscapes.  The other benefit of bringing the Oly along for the ride is the convenience of using it for street photography.  I ended up using the camera around Reykjavik, and other locations once I cam back from the field.  I really like the form factor of this camera, it reminds me of old film camera sizes, and for me that is a plus.  I brought three lenses with me, and ended up using the 12-100mm f/4 exclusively, along with the 25mm f/1.2 pro lens for street.  The 12-100mm is an amazing lens, and covers any situation you’d be in, with the exception of wildlife shots in my opinion.  The Oly kit is light, easy on the back, and very compact.  It’s a great travel solution if you are a pro or enthusiast.  The images shown here were taken in Iceland, and represent high-resolution and standard output images.  See if you can guess which is which.

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