Photography’s Blue Hour

Every photographer knows how special the blue hour is for capturing evocative images.  For those who do not know, the blue hour is that special light we can capture that is roughly an hour before sunrise and dusk’s twilight.  The blue in the sky is almost a deep violet, capturing lights ascent or descent from our world, before darkness reclaims the earth.  The blue hour prior to dawn is something every photographer tries to capture.  It means waking up more than an hour before dawn and finding a place to that will accentuate the landscape and sky.  For most of us, that means, either we have access to some beautiful surrounding local landscapes, or we’re on the road and capturing a spectacular blue hour to highlight our trip.  Dusk is always easier, but my personal experience, is that dawn wins this one hands down, particularly if you at a location facing east.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve managed to bag some really spectacular sunsets that have dipped behind the horizon and dusk is quickly showing its face.  I personally prefer the morning blue hour.  Makes waking up early all the more worthwhile when you get to experience it first thing.  Today I had a great blue hour to enjoy.  The images taken were from Holgate, NJ, a small borough on the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a cold morning, but there is never any weather that is too cold or too hot if you are dressed for it.  This morning’s blue hour started at 6 am, it was one hour and three minutes long.  The images were shot with the Pentax 645Z, 55mm f/2.8 and 80-160mm /4.5 zoom lens.  Everything was shot in manual mode, with ISO at 400, and the camera sitting firmly on my Really Right Stuff tripod and ball head.  After the shoot, we made are way to a well-deserved breakfast.

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