Photography And Balconies

Whenever I travel and need to spend the night away from home, I’m always on the look out for places that have balconies.  Balconies are a photographer’s best friends when traveling, at least in my opinion.   Yes, I know what you are thinking.  Why are you spending time in your room, when you should be out there shooting pix.  We all chase the light during the day that we are out and about shooting.  Grabbing sunrises and sunsets are always at the the top of the list.  But, I find when I get up, and or return, the light has its own magic to take pictures from high above, providing us with different landscape perspectives, be they urban or natural.  Some of my favorite images that I’ve taken have come from hotel balconies.  I've used telephotos, and not for the reason you're thinking, and wide angle lenses for some dramatic images.  Something to keep in mind, the next time you decide to hit the road.  It may expand your photographic horizons.  

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