Non Profit Photography

Every so often I am asked if I would shoot an event for no fee.  These requests come from non profit organizations I've been involved with.  Once they know they have access to a photographer within their midst, it's not too long that they start asking for assistance in getting an event covered.  Personally, I think that the majority of us do indeed provide our services at no cost to support organizations we have a vested interest in.  I'm not asked often by organizations I have no affiliation with, but if you are just starting out it makes good sense to provide these services if you are asked in a nice manner.  My only requirement when I provide said services is that I'm given a tag line in their social media, or print literature.  The organizations that have asked me do so are smart enough not to ask to often.  I'm personally fine with doing it once or twice ayear.  Beyond that, not so much.  Working with non-profits will provide you with free exposure, and get people to consider using you for paid shoots, or in my case generate interest in buying my prints.  Shooting events provides additional practice in documentary photography.  The biggest down side for me personally is the amount of time editing, selecting  and forwarding jpeg images to the organization.  The end result is the appreciation and acknowledgment I have received for providing these services to organizations that clearly cannot afford to pay for a photographer, and that sometimes is worth more then getting paid.

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