Into The Night

Oh the fun of shooting at night.  Ramping up the ISO and shooting a wide-open prime is one of my favorite photographic outings.  On a recent trip to New York City, the mother lode of visual street shooting, I got a chance to try out the new Fuji X Pro 1 and it’s 35mm 1.4 prime.  The Fuji takes a bit of getting use to.  Not a camera that likes to focus quickly, but once you get the hang of it, focusing and shooting works well.  The 35mm prime is a joy to use, as is the 18mm, which is a 2.0 wide lens.  The Fuji is an APS-C equivalent camera, which translates into a 1.5x crop factor, making the 35 close to a 50mm prime, and the 18mm takes you to 27mm wide.  All great primes for shooting in the street.  The camera and lenses balance well, and they make for a stealthy looking combination while working the street.  The Fuji is a hybrid rangefinder.  Not a true Leica, but then again a Leica doesn’t auto focus.  The Fuji has an electronic viewfinder, that also can be utilized as an optical one.  I preferred the optical set up.  So being in Manhattan provides one with a buffet of imagery that is hard to match anywhere else in the world.  The energy in that city sweeps you up and revs you up like no other place.  Even if you’re exhausted, just hitting the street in that town gets you going all over again.  The sheer number of street vendors and shops that stay open late give you the palette to work from.  The city that never sleeps always has people out and about.  And that is what makes New York City a great place for photographers that like to shoot out in the street.  Vendors may snarl at you while you snap away, but most people could give a rat’s ass about having their picture taken.  Perhaps they’ve been conditioned by all of the foreign tourists and their point and shoots.  Back to the Fuji.  The images posted were all shot at 3200 ISO, and both the 35mm and the 18mm were shot wide open.  The amount of light coming in was fabulous, and along with the Fuji IQ made for some fun imagery.  It was the first time I shot the Fuji at night, and I really enjoyed using that camera on the street at night.  It was a lot easier to carry around than the Nikon D800 with a prime on it.  It also made me look less conspicuous as a photographer on the streets of New York.  Which in that city in my opinion is a good thing.

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