Having A Second, and Third Camera On Hand

It goes without saying, always be prepared and have a second camera with you when ever you head out.  Some of us rely on our cell phone cameras, and why not, the resolution of these pocket rockets have come a long way.  I look at my iPhone as a third camera backup.  I do use it often while out shooting.  It's a quick way to upload to instagram, facebook, and twitter.  I mainly use it in the field as a duplicate backup for images I want to see from different perspectives.  My Pentax 645Z lenses provide me with one point of view, and my normal backup in the field when using the Pentax is a Sony RX1 II.  That 35mm full frame offers a different vantage point, and look than the Pentaz or iPhone, and vice a versa.  The Sony handles a lot of my field duty when I want to lessen the load in carrying around the Pentax.  But, I normally keep it in the bag, since I really appreciate the resoultion and dynamic range I get out of the Pentax.  The iPhone comes out when I see something that I think would work well with the built in camera found in the Iphone, and on occassion its the only thing I take out when i leave the house.  All of the images shown here were shot with the Sony RX1 Ii.

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