Finding Time With The Sony RX100

I'm discovering that I am having less time to work on any long term projects.  The time needed to work on these projects is being squeezed by the need to keep the day job in focus, no pun intended.  Those of us who juggle multiple interets, careers, commitments, and family are all in the same boat.  Finding the time to work on things we want to takes patinence and obviously time.  I personally travel a lot for the work I do, and like most of us who pursue the photographic muses, we try to take a camera along for the ride.  Without doubt, taking a fully loaded kit with us on the road for those quick trips would be maddening.  The weight and flexibility in moving quickly through the work day just doesn't make sense.  You'll never get the time to sit there and use all of the equipment you might bring along on a longer shoot.  Hence, the invention of the point and shoot.  Though some of us might swear by the camera phones we all tend to carry.  Every photographer seems to be on the look out for that perfect camera.  And as well all know, it doesn't exist.  I'm not sure why that is.  Especially since there are so many photography bloggers out there asking the same questions of the camera manufacturers as to why this feature or that wasn't included in the latest product being shipped.  Sometimes you wonder if there is a language translation issue between U.S./U.K. photgraphy bloggers and the Japanese camera manufacturers.  I can only imagine how camera executives try to come up with product that can provide us with the perfect solution.  Then again would they really want to?  I mean variety is the spice of life, and as builders of art, we are always on the lookout for the perfect tool to ply our trade with.  Camera manufacturers aren't that stupid, and most likely are taking adantage of the variety of desires that exist in the world wide photgraphic communities.  With having said that little piece, as you have seen before finding or playing around with different cameras is something I like to do.  I recently came across the Sony RX100, though it's been out there for some time, and thought this little point and shoot might work for the many in and out trips I take.  After outfitting it with a Richard Franiec grip,, it has been with me on all of my trips of late.  The specs on the camera are fairly notable.  It has the same sensor as the Nikon 1V2, seeing that Sony is making the sensor for both cameras,  the main difference between this sensor and the one Sony provides Nikon with, is that it's a 20mp sensor versus Nikon's 14mp, all in a point and shoot.  Zeiss is making the zoom lens for the camera, or rather Sony is making it under Zeiss's specs, it's a 28-100mm 35mm equivalent and it's widest apreture is f/1.8 which comes in handy when shooting at night.  Noise is pretty bad above 2500, but for posting on line at that ISO isn't a bad thing.  Not sure on prints, since I have not tried to print anything I've taken with this camera.  Bokeh isn't bad for such a small sensor, and it can provide you with some useable results.  The images I've posted with this entry are shot at various iso's.  Lowest one is at 200 and the highest is at 2500.  You can figure out which is which.  The black and white conversion on the heads was made using Silver Efex Pro 2.  It's not a bad camera to have in your pocket.  It's got some heft to it, solid build quality, and for all of us in need of a fix to taking pictures whenever and wherever we can, it might just fit the bill for you.  It does for me.

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November 17, 2015 by serinalevis9

I have the Sony RX100 and Due to its Larger Sensor and Carl Ziess Lens I am blown away at pictures at iso 6400.  Assignment Doer

a year ago I had a Canon Powershot s100 and my sister has a Leica D-Lux 6 which is the same as the Panasonic LX7 and the RX100 Destroys them for picture Qaulity and Video Qaulity. Amazon dependably have extraordinary arrangements i think its a decent deal,expensive still yet in the event that thats what you need

February 26, 2016 by serinalevis9

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I have the Sony RX100 and Due to its Larger Sensor and Carl Ziess Lens I am blown away at pictures at iso 6400.

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