Film’s Resurgence

The use of film seems to be growing once again.  At least that is what I've read from the various photography blog sites I visit now and then.  Maybe it's the hipsters, and millennial that are driving it, which is all good, even my own son has been bitten by the bug.  For him it first began with the new Polaroid Step cameras, and his posting of his Polaroid images to Instagram that got him hooked.  He recently inherited his grandfather’s pristine Nikon F3 and a few lenses, and is quickly learning the art of aperture, shutter speed, loading film, and what ASA means. Even Kodak has acknowledged film is up ticking once again, and Fuji claims their number one selling camera is their film Instax models.  Fuji sell a lot of instant film, but has dropped a few of their past film stalwarts, like Acros 100.  Of which, I personally deeply regret seeing.  Kodak on the other hand is bringing back Ektachrome.  I truly hope they find the strength to bring back Kodachrome too.  Personally, I’m beginning to shoot more film again, something I wasn't expecting.  A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.  I had a couple of undeveloped rolls sitting on my desk, and after checking out various film developing companies on the internet, I settled for one New Jersey Film Lab to process these two rolls.  After I sent them via the USPS, within a couple of days later my developed negatives arrived.  Suffice to say they jarred me.  Not because of the images, but that something film brings to the table reawakened something deep down.  I realized that I truly missed something about analog film images.  Something about the tonality, grain, or lack of grain, maybe it's the way color is interpreted by the chemistry of film and its processing methodology, but there is something about an image made from film negative.  I was once again hooked on film photography.  So much so that I’ve gone out and stocked up on a variety of black and white and color films to play around with.  All of this film buying will go to good use for an undetermined personal project, as soon as I can think of one.  It will provide me with plenty of opportunities to load up my Nikon F6 and use all of my older AF lenses, that don't weigh a lot, and can provide me with a lot more portability and comfort for my shoulders and back.  Film, I've discovered is a lot of fun.  Waiting for the images to come back is like going on a treasure hunt looking for gold.  Yes, film does cost to develop and purchase, but so do SD cards.  Do not misunderstand; I am not abandoning digital one iota.  Film is just giving me another creative outlet, and it brings back past memories of why I got into photography in the first place.  Now all I have to do is figure out is how to get my wife to allow me to set up a darkroom in the bathroom.

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