El Cosmico

Just outside Marfa, Texas, El Cosmico looms on the horizon.  El Cosmico is a one of a kind inn to stay at.  Actually, its quite a few separate "inns" on can stay at as a guest.  IEl Cosmico is one of Marfa's area motels/hotels/teepee's/trailers place you can spend the night at.  Originally on a horse farm, the owners transformed this dusty patch of West Texas desert into a one of kind place to stay for those who are into all things retro.  The Inn provides guests with a variety of sleeping accommodations.  From teepee's, to camp grounds, to your very own modernist trailer that provides all of the comforts of home.  Comfort here is relative here.  Some of the trailers have everything built in, bathroom, shower, and kitchen.  Others might have an out door shower attached to their trailer, or even an outdoor bathroom shared by two trailers. All of this can be described as American Kitsch.  But, my oh my, such kitsch.  Visiting El Cosmico was one of the highlights we experienced when we visited Marfa.  For photographers it's a rich environment to take ultra vibrant color images of a uniquely American travel experience.  The photo details on the images are pretty straightforward.  I used the Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II camera with the Zuiko 17mm 1.8 lens.  All images were shot in raw and cataloged in Lightroom, though I'm beginning to reconsider using Lightroom exclusively.

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May 22, 2018 by Robin

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