Dreaming In Black And White

I just keep coming back to black and white.  Sometimes I dream in black and white.  I haven't figured it out if it's just my desire to reconnect with my younger self, or something a bit more melancholy.  Black and white is where it all began for me.  If you are older than 40 you know what I mean.  Your first film camera was shooting just black and white.  Most likely Kodak tri-x.  ASA 400 everyday, though sometimes pushed a bit higher if you developed your own.  I realy loved working in the dark room when I was younger.  I wonder sometimes as to whether working in the dark room took me away from the world's problems, or rather just mine.  Allowing me to escape.  I find that today with my photography.  It has become an escape, and one that I truly love and cherish.  I always wish I had more time to take the moments in life and capture them daily.  I do try to carry some kind of camera with me everyday.   Sometimes there is something to shoot.  I truly marvel at those individuals who have taken to shooting their 365 day personal projects.  Shooting one picture every day, and trying to weave it all into a narrative of their year of daily photography.  The pictures seen here are shot with a single lens.  35mm f/2 all day long.  It's Leica sharp.  All of the pix were taken with the Leica Monochrome, the only singular black and white camera in the market place.  Everytime I head out and come back and view the images shot from that camera, well let's just say I'm amazed at the tonality found within each image.  Not much tweaking with the files.  A little exposure compensating, and in two of the images some minor cropping.  Shooting with a rangefinder is a different experience.  It lends itself well to my style of shooting.  Slow and deliberate.  I find shooting just black and white makes you work a little harder in trying to capture an image.  Not everything lends itself to being photographed in black and white, but when you can find some contrast to shoot, it really shines over color.  When you nail it, it really comes back as a dream that lingers.

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