Does It Matter?

Does it matter what camera system you decide to use? Systems like DSLR? Mirror less? Digital Medium Format, Film (any type), Full Frame Digital, APS-C?, Micro Four Thirds?, Point and Shoot, or Smart Phone?  It categorically does not.  It has always been the photographer, and never the camera system.  If you are a non-enthusiast or professional photographer you will know and understand the lingo mentioned above.  But, if you are a casual user, the above means absolutely nothing.  Professional photographers use a variety of camera systems depending on the outcomes they seek to achieve.  The same goes for the different lenses photographers will use on a photo shoot.  Shooting a safari, well then, you would need a large telephoto lens.   Shooting a model, a great portrait lens would be useful.  Need to print out a billboard size image, then you’d need to look at high-resolution DSLR or Medium Format cameras.  Tired of carrying too much weight from large heavy bodied camera gear, and larger lenses?  Then you’d probably go for a Micro Four Thirds or APS-C camera system.  Whatever the need, there is a camera system for you.  But, does it really matter which system is the better one to sink your hard earned cash in?.  Hell no.  It will and always will remain the skill set an individual photographer will bring to the table.  Photographers do have their favorite brands of camera systems, for what ever reason they believe in or have a strong opinion of.  But, true professionals, know that it does not matter which system they will use.  The best know they can coax a great image from any type of camera gear.  For those who think it matters, then in my opinion, you really have not taken the necessary time to invest in just going out and practicing with your camera gear, no matter what brand you like to use.  It always comes down to the image you create.

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