D800e Crop Capabilities

Right before the east coast got slammed with a blizzard this past weekend, we received around three inches of wet heavy snow that quickly iced up.  Not wanting to miss out on this winter wonderland I grabbed the D800e and two prime lenses and headed out to our local forest preserve.  Using the Nikon 24mm 1.4 af-s lens and the Zeiss Zf.2 50mm f/2 makro I shot these images in a heavily overcast day.  All images were shot at 200 iso, around 1/500th and the f stops on both lenses were set to f/5.6.  I didn't want to blow out the highlights with all of the freshly fallen white stuff.  My only thought that day was to get out and shoot the snow on the trees, but while in the forest I came across some ducks that were hanging out at a local stream.  Not having anything that remotely resembled a telephoto for wildlife, I decided to improvise and try to sneak up on the ducks.  Much to my chagrin they heard me a mile a way and started to paddle down stream away from me.  Thinking what a shame it was to miss out on some wildlife close ups the idea dawned on me to shoot and then see how the images would turn out if I cropped the hell out of them.  Using Lightroom 4 to crop I was able to pull the ducks into closer detail, as you can see from the first duck wide angled image to the cropped one.  Unfortunatley, the blog set up doesn't allow me to really show the sharpness detail in the ducks due to the image jpeg display limtations, but I hope you get the idea of how well you can crop your images if you are using a D800e, or 800 for that matter.  I took one more of ice on a branch and when I first looked at the image I tohught eveyrthing was out of focus.  When I cropped and zoomed in I was surprised as to how much detail I was able to pull out of the image.  I had just manually focused on the wrong part of the branch.  The 800e I'm finding can pull some wonderful detail out of cropped images, even hand held.

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