Cappuccino And Tattoo

You've got to love New York City.  No matter what your opinion is of that place, if you are a photogrpaher you cannot help but love that city.  It goes beyond the concept of a target rich environment.  It is a shooters paradise, I'm assuming of course you like to shoot street, or even urban landscapes here.  For those of you who are not interested in these genres then I guess you can stop reading.  For street shooters it provides us with a constantly changing human landscape to capture.  I'm not sure what it is about New York City, but no matter how lousy one feels physically or emotionally, once I step onto that sidewalk some invisible hand seems to pick me up and completely renergize me.  Maybe it's the swell of humanity that catches you in its wake and moves you along for a thrilling ride.  I can never seem to pinpoint why, but it really does not matter, for its the living experience of that city that lifts you and inspires you.  I can never get tired of walking that city.  On my last trip in I took some time to explore Alphabet City in NYC.  Along Avenus A, B, and C near 1st and St. Mark's Place.  It's a changing neighborhood that has come along way from a drug, homeless haven for those down and out.  Gentrification has arrived, but many of the old neighborhoods habits still exist in that part of town.  On this trip I took my Leica MP-9 and one lens, the 50mm Summilux.  I love being pushed to shoot with just one prime lens.  Makes you slow down and think about the shot your setting up to take.  Very old school, but it is one of the things I so love about photography.  I tried to shoot wide open, but did end up using f/5.6 for a lot of the day time shots.  This camera isn't too great to work with low light, but bumping up the ISO to 800 kept the grain to a minimum.  Shooting in Times Square at night helps a lot with all of the extra light being kicked around in that space.  Converting some of the night shots to black and white helps the image process along too.  Next time you hit the road, or within your neighborhood try shooting with one lens.  It will push you.

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