Art With The Pentax 645Z

This past year I have been shooting extensively with the Pentax 645Z and three accompanying lenses.  The 25mm F/4, (which for some odd reason has been disconiuned by Pentax) 55mm F/2.8 and the 90mm F/2.8.  All three lenses are quite stellar, and are significant improvements over the older Pentax AF lenses that were created before Pentax introduced a medium format digital camera.  I tried the 150mm F/2.8 AF lens with the 645Z, but I just had too much CA with that lens.  I have not tried any of the other lenses, though I just picked up a 75mm AF 2.8 lens to try something lighter than the 55mm lens. I've been imopressed with the detail, resolution, and the ability of the 645Z to pull highlights out of an image are quite extraordinary.  I'm finding that I canl pull between 3-4 stops out of highlights in post processing.  The camera is similar in weight to my Nikon D4 or the D810 with battery grip attrached.  I love the deep grip the Pentax offers, and I only find my hand and wrist getting fatigued after a days worth of shooting.  I've honestly have neglected my Nikon gear because of the the 645Z, and just recently have added the 810 back into my bag as a back up to the 645Z.  I just picked up Fotodiox's Pentax 645 to Nikon F adapter so that I can utilize the Pentax glass on the Nikon.  I still pack two lenses with me when I head out with the D810, the Zeiss ZF.2 15mm and Sigma's 35mm art lens.  The Pentax has really invigorated my landscape shooting this part year, and I think some my best work to date has been a result of thouroughly enjoying the use of this camera.  The only thing I have not yreat invested in this system is adding a Formatt Hitech 165mm filter system for the 25mm lens.  Miss using ND filters with that lens, thogu you can drop a 46mm filter into the back end of the lens.  I just finished an exhibition of 11 new landscape images at ZIA Gallery, and several images sold to private collectors and one corporate customer.  Personally, IMO my art images have risen to a different level with the 645Z, but then again, I am spending more time shooting and that probably plays a stronger role in my output, but sometimes I keep thinking that the 645Z has really helped me rise to naother level.

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January 19, 2016 by Paul Lopez

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January 19, 2016 by Ian Moore

Hi John - I’ve been looking for an adapter for the 645 lenses for my D810, but I assume the ones you use on the Nikon are the older 645 lenses that you can manually stop-down? As far as I know there is no adapter that can use the electronic control of the newest Pentax lenses on the D810? Thanks & Regards from the Far Shores of England, Ian Moore

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