Art Basel

First week of December the art world descends upon Miami and Miami Beach.  Art Basel is the lead event at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  But, there are a multiude number of venues that support artists during this week.  Aqua, Context, Pilse, Red Dot, and NADA to name a few.  In actuality there are 23 separate fairs going on during the first week of December.  This year I'll have the privilege of participating at the Aqua Art Fair at the Aqua Hotel in Miami Beach.  If by some chance you have an opportunity to visit, do stop in. My work will be hosted by ZIA Gallery.  This one week event is an outstanding opportunity to view art from all parts of the world.  Miami and the Beaches really put on a great show for these events.  Hopefully the Zika scare won't keep people away from enjoying a week of art and sun in December.  At Aqua I will be releasing a personal project of mine called Own Nature.  There are ten images that are part of this persoanl project.  All ten images are 17 x 20 and come in a red portolio box.  Each box set is numbered, and there will only be 10 sets offered fro sale.  One set of artist proofs will be available for individual purchase art Aqua Art.  If you can't stop in, and have an interest in acquiring, then please contact Anne Hughes at ZIA Gallery.  This set is making its debut at Aqua Art.

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