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Anytime you return from a shoot, the cumulative effort one makes in culling all of your images into a coherent story line takes up a lot of time.   On my most recent trip to Iceland over an 8-day period, I took over 1500 landscape images.  The majority were taken with the Pentax 645Z.  No fast speed burst shots at 18 fps, more like compose, take a deep breath, and press the shutter.   The joy of the trip is returning, downloading, though I did download my images every day, and deciding which ones I liked the best.  The 1500 gets whittled down to around 100, and then further reduced to around 40.  Not an easy process, and I'm sure most of you can concur; it's not any easy exercise to accomplish.  In evidently, there are a few images that become your favorites from your tip.  Finding one image that makes you really happy is a lot harder to accomplish.  I find that there is always one that ends up meaning the most to me, but I have to admit, there are probably anywhere from two to ten images that I really end up loving.  Subjectivity at its finest.  The image I'm highlighting here was shot when I stopped for lunch in the town of Vik.  Largest town on the southern coast of Iceland, and using the word large is a stretch.  Vik saddles a couple of really impressive landscape opportunities for any photographer, but that's another story.  I took this image while I was waiting to pick up my lunch.  Ironically, it was not taken with the Pentax 645Z.  It was taken with my IPhone X.  It's turned out to be my favorite image from the trip.  Why, I'm not so sure, but I really love the rocks in the background, taken from within, while the wind was howling outside at around 78 mph.  For me it was serenity in a sea of chaos.

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November 26, 2018 by CarolineWebb

Wow…love this beautiful image of the cumulative effort one makes in culling all of images into a coherent story line takes up a lot of time.

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