60mm Macro Around The Neighborhood

It was a beautiful day here in Winnetka today.  Too good of a day to pass up in not getting out there and taking some time to shoot.  I decided to try out the new Olympus 60mm f/2.8 micro four thirds lens on an Olympus OMD-5 body.

The in camera lens stabilzation worked extremely well, and everything posted here was shot hand held.  F stops ranged from 2.8 to 4.5.  Some of the shots came from the backyard, some from eating out, and others from around the house.  We had quite a variety of floral bouquets around the house to try the lens on especially after Thanksgiving.  

I fdid find focusing a bit difficult in auto mode.  The lens has a very short focusing distance, and if you leave it on auto it will hunt if the object you are tryin to capture is pretty small and has a washed out background.  If you're shooting straight on and have a lof of play in the background you will find greater success in using suto focusing.  

Some of the shots were manually focused, and that is probably your best bet if you are hand holding, but I was too stubborn in giving up the auto focusing option.  I really wanted to push this lens to see what it could do.  On a tripod the auto should work better, but I didn't try that approach today.  All in all a nice lens.  Build quality seems quite robust, and it is weather sealed like the camera.  It adds a bit of front weight to the OMD-5, but both camera and lens are light weight solutions to everyday shooting.  

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