2020 A Year We’d Like To Forget

2020 is a year we all would like to forget.  A lost year.  For photographers, it became a year that forced many of us to adapt to an economically difficult time, and to find outlets close to home in order to stay creative.  Lock downs created an environment of fear and dread, and the current state of American politics only added to our stress levels.  I have not written in a while.  To be honest, I have lacked the focus and desire to say anything.  Quarantine lock down for many provided a reset button to stay home and work on all of those yet to be named projects.  In the beginning I too thought that this rest would spark a creative surge to finally finish my book, work on securing new gallery outlets, and redesign my web site.  As the time slipped by, and boredom set in after exhausting all of the streaming shows I wanted to see, by the end of the day and the beginning of relaxation of restrictions, I had not finished what I had set out to accomplish.  In some degree of fairness, I did manage to leave home confinement and hit landscape locations and visit both New York City and Chicago when the streets were empty in early May.  Some of the best images came from those two trips, and Comet Neowise jump started my landscape efforts.  Getting out and shooting with my camera elevated my mood, and brought a fresh perspective to why we need to get out and capture images that mean something to us, or to a client.  Personally, I’m not expecting 2021 to be significantly better.  This virus will be around for a while, and it will force us to stay close to home.  The U.S. infection rate is out of control, and foreign governments will continue to bar us from visiting.  Meaning, we will have to change our travel options to just visiting U.S. locations and rediscovering our own country.  Today, I took a look at what it would entail to fly to Fairbanks, Alaska.  I think it would be a good location to capture the northern lights in January.  It’s not easy.  Long flights, expensive, and not too many places to stay in a town of 31,000 people.  But, it will have to do, since we cannot hit the Nordic countries right now.  My understanding is that our national parks are experiencing an increase in visitors looking for staycations closer to home.  That is a good thing. Hopefully, it will encourage the federal government to continue its support of our parks, and perhaps increase their funding to help maintain these national gems for all for us.  These are strange times.  I hope you find your center point to keep creating.  In the mean time stay safe and stay well.

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